Career Information

Procedure for entering university

Teikyo School students can enter Teikyo Group universities upon meeting the applicable entry requirements.
They can enter any faculty of the Teikyo University Group except for the Department of Medicine. The Department of Chemistry has additional criteria.

It is possible for students to take entrance exams of Waseda, Keio, Kansai, Kansai Gakuin, Doshisha, Ritsumei and other state universities while holding their right to enter Teikyo University.

Choosing a university

Approximately half of Teikyo School students elect to go to a university outside of the Teikyo University Group.
To assist these students we offer extra lessons, mock examinations and the opportunity to obtain TOEIC, STEP, Japan Kanji Aptitude Test certificates and more.
Some students enter university using their unique experience of living in the UK with a general recommendation entry, AO entry or returner’s entry.