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Head’s Welcome

Visitors to Teikyo School UK will be struck by the lush green surroundings of the Campus. The area around the School is designated as a green belt (protected) area, and in the woods near the School, a set was built and filmed the hut where Hagrid, the beloved character in the Harry Potter films, lives. The deer and squirrels that live in the woodland also often visit the School. Teikyo School provides an environment where students can develop their intellect and sensibilities in this large, natural setting, with excellent facilities including a historic manor house, three tennis courts, a natural grass football pitch, and a heated indoor swimming pool.

The School is unique in that it is located in the UK but offers a Japanese high school diploma. In addition to learning in accordance with the Courses of Study, the School also offers a unique curriculum. To complement learning about British history and culture in the classroom, students have the opportunity to experience it outside the School. Students gain work experience in charity shops and other workplaces in the community, where their learning becomes more personal and alive through their own experiences.

Another key feature of the School is the real-life use of English language in its environment. Students speak English with School support staff, and in a variety of other situations, including weekend homestays, study tours, collaboration events with local schools, and other extracurricular and social activities. Students discover that phrases learnt in the classroom can be adapted to every day interactive life.

Living as a boarder may feel uneasy at first, but rest assured that both British and Japanese teachers and staff will be there to help you fit into your new environment. Students develop the skills they need to live in the boarding house and enjoy community life as another home and another family.

Learning is benefitted by having small class sizes and how we value each student as an individual. Our daily educational activities aim to nurture young people who can think independently, work together, and become autonomous learners throughout their lives. The School’s founding spirit – “to cultivate a spirit of empathy for human pain and to nurture knowledgeable people with an international perspective” – is the cornerstone of all its educational activities.

In December 2022, our School became an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, and we decided to introduce the IB Diploma to our study programme because it is consistent with the Teikyo founding spirit and will further improve the learning environment by offering a globally recognised international standard. The IB qualification is recognised as an entrance qualification for many universities around the world. Students on the Global Studies Course (formerly the Ordinary Course) can choose the IB Diploma Programme from the third term of their first year. In addition to the existing Football and Art courses, the new IB Diploma Programme will enable students to better meet their individual career aspirations.

Teikyo School UK provides a learning environment where each student with so much potential, can play an active role in a global society and pursue their dreams. We hope to see you in the UK in the near future.

Head of SchoolFumiko Nelson