Head’s Welcome

Teikyo School UK was founded in 1989 in beautiful countryside near Windsor Castle just outside London.
The lush green campus provides an ideal environment for learning and sports, and its facilities include a classroom block, boarding houses, a football field, a sports hall and indoor swimming pool.

The school’s primary aim is to improve our students’ English skills.
We provide a holistic proficiency in English by focusing on both practical language skills – through conversation lessons with British native speakers – and the theoretical knowledge that is a requirement at university entrance examinations in Japan. We monitor each student’s ability closely and carry out regular English assessments.
We can also provide appropriate guidance on Higher Education to students wishing to study in Japan, as well as in the UK and abroad.

Our second aim is to foster globally minded individuals through international opportunities.
We provide a range of cultural exchange activities, including events with local schools.
Such opportunities to develop as a cultural ambassador will undoubtedly help students to become more globally minded.
I believe that all our students should aim to become resilient global citizens. Being exposed to different and opposing values when meeting people from other cultures fosters personal growth.
In future, students will be expected to debate their opinions freely, present their own unique ideas and put them into practice, and promote mutual understanding with people who have different values.
I want students to develop resilience and challenge themselves in many areas.

Our third aim is growth through campus life. Through communal living, students learn to empathise with and respect others.
Friends made at the school will undoubtedly become lifelong friends. We prioritise ‘health and safety’ in caring for our students and do our utmost to ensure they have an enjoyable boarding experience.

Lastly, our Football Course is also one of the school’s main features.
Originally introduced in 2008, the curriculum changed significantly in April 2015 to include joint practice and matches with a local academy school.
The course is unique in combining improvement of football skills, as well as obtaining a Football Association approved coaching license.

We hope that after completing their studies, students will have grown into globally minded individuals ready for the next step in their life.