School Policies

School Educational Policy

We aim to nurture a person who will continually strive to cultivate a rich humanity in their heart, to understand the pain of others, and to have an international point of view.

School Rules

Expectations for Students

Students should always act compassionately and must not hurt other people’s feelings.
Students should always seek to improve themselves, both mentally and physically.
Students should behave responsibly and act thoughtfully.
Students should act courteously, both inside and outside the school, and show respect to each other.

Fundamental rules

1. Drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs
a. Drinking and possessing alcohol is prohibited.
b. Possessing smoking goods and smoking is prohibited.
c. Taking and possessing drugs is prohibited.

2. Acts of dishonesty
Students should always be honest and faithful. They must honour school rules and must not break the laws of the land.

3. Relationships
a. Relationships should be appropriate for a high school student.
b. Students should maintain a healthy relationship and behave responsibly.
c. Boys are not allowed to go into girls’dormitories. Similarly, girls are not allowed to go into the boys’dormitory.

4. Damage
a. Use the school buildings and property in the school with care.
b. Do not touch a fire extinguisher unless it is an emergency.

5. Violent behaviour
Violent behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances.

6. Bullying
Bullying is not tolerated under any circumstances.
Bullying means:”Behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated overtime, that intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally.”
The behaviour below is bullying:
1) Verbal – name calling, threats, insults or offensive remarks
2) Physical – hitting, kicking, deliberate pushing and jostling, taking of property
3) Indirect – spreading rumours, sending malicious messages, ostracising
4) Cyber – through phone messages, mobile phone texts, emails.

7. Possessing dangerous goods
Students are prohibited from possessing dangerous goods (knives, firecrackers, etc.) under any circumstances.

Failure to follow the above rules and expectations will result in punishment, including warning, detention, suspension and expulsion.
Students are expected to behave considerately and responsibly, even for matters which are not explicitly mentioned above.

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