School Mission Statement

Teikyo School UK Mission Statement(Founding spirit):
We aim to nurture people who are constantly striving to cultivate a rich humanity, a spirit of sharing others’ pain, and knowledge from an international perspective.

Our aims and ethos

The school aims to develop students’ respect for each other, a broad outlook, rich sensibilities, and flexible thinking.

1. Become independent.
Students develop self-management skills through managing their own study time, free time, chores, and money.

2. Always be honest and sincere.
Students aim to be honest with themselves as well as with others.

3. Develop the ability to view problems objectively and solve them creatively.
When problems arise in the school community, students develop problem-solving skills by working together to propose solutions.

4. Develop an understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking, as well as respect for the work, experiences, and beliefs of others
Students learn to treat others with respect, even if their beliefs differ from their own. By working together with the wider community, students aim to develop into tolerant and balanced individuals.

5. Promote an understanding of and commitment to the arts.
Students aim to develop an understanding of the arts and culture through a range of activities, such as weekend outings to London.

6. Learn the joy of exercise through a variety of sporting experiences.
Through physical education and club activities, the students are given plenty of opportunities to be physically active. They also learn the skills necessary for playing sports.

7. Fulfil their role as a member of the international community.
International understanding is promoted through activities such as cultural festivals and Japanese Day.