Course Features

Course Feature

1. Practical English is emphasised in lessons (including more than 10 hours of English lessons per week)
2. Football Course is available
3. Exchange events with local schools, work experience and voluntary work in the local community
4. Learn about European history and culture through trips
5. Recommended entry to some universities
6. Each boarder has their own room so they can enjoy their privacy
7. At weekends students can go to London to visit museums and other famous places

Three courses are available


  Name Subject
Headmaster Tadashi Nakayama Maths
Deputy Headmaster Shusuke Uoyama Social study
Teacher Mari Kubo English
Teacher Wakako Yachidate Japanese
Teacher Richard Ingram English
Teacher Takeshi Yamada PE
Teacher Mayuko Kiyoki Maths
Teacher Toshie Mimatsu English
Teacher Masaaki Tanioka Science
Teacher Makiko Hamano Maths
Teacher Yuichiro Kikuma Art
Teacher Rie Yamaji Domestic Science
Teacher Kenta Suehiro PE
Teacher Jim Kelman UEFA”A”
Teacher Ann Herbert English Conversation
Teacher Sabine Matharu English Conversation
Teacher Lesley Morson English Conversation IELTS
Welfare Officer Rueko Kuriki